None of us are superhuman. We all have our foibles, downsides and insecurities, and this can impact our ability to be consistently creative.

From a quick read of this blog post’s title, you might think we’re about to reveal the secret to becoming a creative genius who never gets writer’s block and always has a brilliant idea tucked away somewhere.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, because no such secret exists.

You won’t be creative all of the time, but you can be creative consistently. Here’s how.


Take notes as often as possible

It’s impossible to plan your creativity as a copywriter or someone in charge of words at a content marketing agency – you need to let it come to you. But that’s of little use when time isn’t on your side, right?

This is why taking notes regularly is a vital tactic if you’re a copywriter. And it doesn’t really matter what those notes are – they could be on the lunch you just had, an experience with a customer or something that wakes you up in the dead of night.

Carry a notebook (digital or otherwise) with you everywhere you go and keep adding notes, because one day you might just need them for blog inspiration!


Minimise distractions

If you can work out how to minimise distractions in the office, you’ll go a long way to putting yourself regularly in a creative mindset.

Email, random pieces of paper you no longer need and social media notifications will all do their level best to keep you from being creative.

Turn them off, throw them away or put them well out of sight when it’s time to write. The less stuff there is in your office, the more you can focus on the words that are dying to come out of your brain.


Brainstorm regularly

When was the last time you conducted a brain dump? There’ll be loads of latent ideas nestled within the far reaches of your mind, but if you don’t take time to encourage them out regularly, they’ll stay forever hidden.

Schedule at least one hour a week to brainstorm new content ideas or new ways you can tell stories about your business. Brainstorming often gets a bad reputation for being a waste of time, but in reality it can be some of the most creative time you spend as a copywriter.

The more you brainstorm, the more creative you’ll encourage your mind to be!


Work with others

Copywriting doesn’t – and, indeed, shouldn’t – be a lonely endeavour. Like lots of things in life, it’s best shared, and if you can find a likeminded colleague, friend or family member who fancies being creative with you, why not work together?

The more you collaborate as a writer, the more creative you’ll become, because you’ll feed off the creativity, inspiration and enthusiasm of the other person – even if you have little of your own left!


Wrapping up

When creativity dries up (which, inevitably, it will), it can be tempting to throw in the towel and give up.


Instead, take a break, read our tips above and start making changes to the way you approach copywriting. Your work will benefit significantly as a result.