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Powerful, effective and beautifully priced marketing. Proven, and valuable, marketing consultancy for less than you might expect…

What’s Marketing Coach?

Marketing Coach is a unique, powerful and proven marketing consultancy service from Bootcamp Media.
It’s a service made exclusively for businesses that want to take care of their own online marketing, but need direction, strategy or focus to really make a positive transformation and dramatically improve the effectiveness of their marketing.

Better still, there’s no monthly costs involved, just a simple one-off price.

Why Would I Need Marketing Coach?

Marketing Coach is perfect for businesses that don’t want, or can’t afford, the costs of outsourcing their entire marketing each and every month. It’s also fantastic for businesses that already have the resources needed to manage marketing internally, but still want to benefit from an effective, bespoke marketing strategy that generates results.

The beauty of Marketing Coach is that it gives your business everything it needs to start producing incredibly effective marketing, without the attached, ongoing costs.

How Marketing Coach Works…

Before any meetings take place, Bootcamp Media will have a brief initial phone consultation to better understand the problems you want to solve and discuss what you want your marketing strategy and consultancy session to achieve.

Next, we’ll analyse all of your businesses Internet marketing including your website and all social media activity in detail.

Once we have everything we need, our findings and your bespoke strategy are delivered via a proactive face-to-face appointment between Bootcamp Media and all key members of your team that will be responsible for managing and implementing the new marketing strategy.

During our proactive consultancy meeting, you should take notes, ask as many questions as you like, and make sure you fully understand everything.

At the end of our time together, you’ll have the knowledge and the know-how to implement impressive, proven and highly effective online marketing.

What if my business is brand-new?

Not a problem. Whether you’re an established business who needs their marketing revising, or you’re a new business starting with a blank canvas, Marketing Coach, our consultancy service, can still help to make a massive positive impact to your strategic marketing.

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