Google Penalty Recovery

Have you seen a major drop off in visits to your website?

Are you no longer ranking for keywords you used to before?

No longer seeing similar levels of returns on advertising spend?

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You may have been hit by a Google penalty.

Google is determined to give its users the best possible results for their search enquiries. They weed out bad websites through various strict, advanced algorithm updates like Penguin and Panda. They are constantly monitoring the web and punish websites which are in breach of Google Webmaster Guidelines.

So what could be the cause of Google penalties?

  • Link schemes including spammy, unnatural or paid links
  • Thin, poor quality content
  • “Black Hat” SEO shortcuts, either from you or your SEO agency

And what are the ramifications?

  • Sudden drops in traffic
  • Major drops in ranking
  • De-listing from Google (your website doesn’t even rank for its own name)

What a Google penalty can mean for your business

With Google holding around  90% of market share, losing ranking on there is catastrophic. Being the only name in town, there is no real alternative that you could use to generate traffic instead. So essentially, it impacts every facet of your website, and therefore impacts any and all business that was coming from it. You don’t just stand to lose visitors to your website – you stand to lose a lot of business as well.

Google Panda Penalty

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Can Google penalise any website?

Yes, Google do not mess around when it comes to these penalties. They can penalise any website which they believe is in breach of Google Webmaster Guidelines.  Several big companies have been hit hard by these penalties including Halifax and eBay.

Even a site as well known and well respected as the BBC got caught out by having unnatural links pointing towards one of its pages. This goes to show that you can be hit by these penalties without doing anything underhanded.

So how do you remove these penalties?

Here at Bootcamp Media, we offer a Google penalty removal service. We have helped several sites avoid or escape these nasty penalties, thanks to the many and various tools we have at our disposal. So far we have a 100% penalty recovery success rate.

Google Penalty Recovery

We will audit the site in order to find out what exactly has caused the penalty. From there we can take steps to right the wrongs, and get the website back on track. We can also offer this service to anybody worried they may incur a penalty for previous bad behavior – after all, prevention is better than a cure!

How long does it take

The time needed to recover depends on a type of penalty as well as many other circumstances. There are various types of Google penalties including manual and algorithmic penalties. With manual penalties it is necessary to ask Google for reconsideration – asking for a kind of a pardon if you will. Removing algorithmic penalties on the other hand often requires a Google update refresh. On average, a recovery takes anything between 3 to 6 months, although we have seen recoveries in just a couple of weeks.

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