Where to look for blog title inspiration when you don't have any

One of the perennial questions asked by people who have spent time either blogging for their business or as a hobby is “where do I look for inspiration?”.

One of the perennial questions asked by people who have spent time either blogging for their business or as a hobby is “where do I look for inspiration?”.

This question normally arrives after a barren period where all inspiration appears to have vacated the building.

You may have been there yourself – scrabbling around for ideas when your usual sources just aren’t coming up with the goods.

There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank page with the text cursor flashing menacingly at you. “Type!” it appears to shout, while you reach into the nethermost corners of your mind for topic ideas.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this conundrum, because we’re all different; we all find inspiration in different places.

Thankfully, there are simply loads of places in which you can find blog title inspiration, and in this post, we’re going to list our favourites. We’re confident you’ll find that next title in there somewhere!


Take a look at trending hashtags on Twitter

Twitter might seemingly be full of people moaning about the weather and ranting about all sorts of things, but it’s also a very handy source of blogging inspiration.

Hashtags are great things when it comes to looking for your next blog title. Search a couple of hashtags related to your niche and see what people are talking about; it might take just one tweet to get your creative juices flowing again.

Head to Reddit

Reddit regularly hosts ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions where knowledgeable people and celebrities put themselves in the spotlight and accept questions from users.

Keeping an eye on AMA threads that relate to your niche is a great way to get a feeling for what your audience is most passionate about. A bit like Twitter, just one line of text from a stranger could inspire your next blog post.

Look at what the competition is doing

If you have competitors who appear to be significantly more inspired than you, take a look at what they’re doing. Make a note of the shares and engagement they receive on posts and write about the topics that appear to be most popular.

This isn’t stealing ideas – it’s taking what the competition is blogging about, and making it far better for your own purposes.

Start reading unrelated blogs

This might sound odd, but if you start delving into blogs that have nothing to do with your niche, you’ll give your brain a bit of a break from the norm – and that will help you immeasurably with your own blog.

You’ll throw yourself into a whole new world whose style may turn out to be rather inspiring.

Just because it’s a different topic entirely doesn’t mean it can’t help you with your own ideas.

Travel (near or far)

If you have a far-flung holiday on the horizon, treat it in part as a way to gain inspiration for your blog.

There’s nothing quite like travelling to a foreign land when it comes to getting the creative juices flowing. Alternatively, a short trip down the motorway to a closer getaway location might be all you need to regain your blogging mojo.

Speak to your kids (or friends’ kids, if you don’t have any)

Kids are wonderfully creative. They don’t suffer from the same insecurities, perceived boundaries and life experiences as adults, and therefore often have some of the best ideas going.

Not every suggestion a kid makes for your blog will be appropriate, but you might just find a gem of an idea if you spend a bit of time taking to them about whatever it is your blog is focused on.


Learn a new skill

Learning new things is a great way to expose yourself to new concepts.Picking up a guitar, trying out cross-stitch or taking up golf will refresh your brain and open you up to new ideas. And it really doesn’t matter how unrelated the new skill is to blogging (in fact, the more unrelated, the better!).


Get some exercise

An old one, but a good one, this. Getting regular exercise is a great way to ensure your brain is capable of generating new blogging ideas.The flow of oxygen into both your lungs and brain will have a seismic effect on your creativity – and you’ll be healthier, to boot!


Listen to podcasts

Podcasting is one of the most popular forms of content marketing for businesses, experts and organisations. And this is for good reason; it’s eminently easy to digest and, for many people, far more engaging than reading.

Take the dog for a walk, visit the gym or go for a long drive and soundtrack it with a podcast or two related to your niche. Make sure you can take notes (unless driving, of course), and you’ll come away with a whole bunch of ideas you wouldn’t otherwise have found.

Look at your stats

Your previous blogging efforts should inform your future posts.

If inspiration is really thin on the ground, take some time to look through your stats. Look for the posts that received a significant number of web traffic and on which readers appear to spend a lot of time.

One blog post can turn into a series of blog posts if the topic is interesting enough to your audience. Hunt down those that have struck a chord with people who visit your website and expand on them.

Statistics and metrics exist for a reason – make sure you use them to fuel your creativity.

Read a blog you can’t stand

Sometimes, a little anger or frustration can go a long way when you need to dream up new blogging ideas.

This is why reading a blog post on a topic that you either don’t agree with or that features an opinion you vehemently disagree with is a brilliant way to gain inspiration for your own work.

You might find that you’re at your most creative when riled, therefore don’t be afraid to pick up the digital pen and write soon after you’ve read something that has ticked you off.

The only thing to be careful with here is to avoid being slanderous or referring directly to the post that inspired yours.

Wrapping up

We think that at least one of the inspiration ideas above will help you find your next blog post title and have you diving into the writing process quicker than ever before.

However, you may still be struggling. And, if that’s the case – keep looking; don’t give up. We often find inspiration when we’re least looking for it, therefore if all else fails, play the game of patience – you’ll stumble across that fantastic new topic sooner or later.