Why isn’t WordPress already good for SEO?

Straight out the box, WordPress is pretty horrific for SEO – The URLs are IDs which are not keyword optimized URLs (look at this posts URL: /wordpress-seo – They 2 main keywords we’re targeting for this post. That’s a good optimized URL). The site itself tends to have rampart duplicate content due to category and tag pages showing a lot of the same posts and it doesn’t automatically let you choose to use excerpts (which mean your homepage content and your posts won’t be the same).


We’ll be going over a few tricks on how you can optimize your WordPress installation to the best of your ability. Including a number of awesome plugins, some internal stuff and a few boxes to check along the way.

When I first dive into a fresh installation I do 1 of 3 things –

1) I go to the Permalinks in your WordPress installation and check “Post Name” – You can then edit these to customise the URL for the keywords you’re trying to target, but if you don’t have the time it uses the posts title as the URL. This means you get an exact match URL for the keyword that you’re trying to rank your post or page for.

2) I install Yoast SEO and Google XML Sitemaps – I then go to Yoast and play with a few of the settings, you can find out more about the configurations for Yoast on this video tutorial as it gives an awesome summary of the basic configurations for Yoast. I also untick the Sitemaps part of Yoast and move over to Settings > XML Sitemaps and click “build my sitemap”. You now have everything setup in your plugins (atleast the basic 1s anyway).

3) I install a Google analytics tracking code & add my Google+ Profile link to my user settings, this allows me to integrate Analytics and Webmaster tools as well as signup for Google+ authorship. Google+ Authorship has been shown to massively increase your site’s rankings if you have a good authorship rank and if you use a location based Analytics code, you can actually target a specific country (e.g. a UK Google Analytics Code will allow you to rank higher in Google UK)

We hope you enjoyed our tips

This has been a guest blog post by Mike Campolattano of Orlando SEO firm .Com Marketing, we hope you enjoyed our post and hope it gives you some tips on how to improve your wordpress sites google ranking.