First off, let me just to be clear…

There are two main types of email marketing activity. There’s the ‘one night stand’ direct email marketing and then there’s the ‘let’s get married and have kids’ relationship management type email marketing.

What’s the difference you ask? Well, the first is effectively a digital flyer if you will. Direct email marketing is great for promoting a new service to people or businesses that have no relationship with you.

The latter, relationship management email marketing is more about encouraging repeat businesses and building and maintaining relationships with customers. For this blog post, we’re talking about relationship management email marketing. Now, please take a seat.

The two different types should never be mixed and that’s the reason why some businesses struggle.

When it comes to email marketing, there are businesses that swear by it, and there are businesses that are totally unconvinced and therefore believe email marketing to be a waste of time.

The difference is, those who believe email marketing to be a waste of time have no friends… No, but seriously, why?

Well, the answer is simple. The businesses that make email marketing an essential part of their digital marketing strategy often use organic methods. (I’ll explain what organic methods means a little later) Those that are unconvinced? Well, they don’t. Let me explain…

What makes for good email marketing?

Effective and sustainable email marketing is all about communicating with the people that want to listen, rather than trying to communicate with an audience who have never heard or come across your business before. That’s the big difference.

Organic subscribers are more receptive than any other type of email subscriber.

Organic subcribers open more of the emails you send, spend more time reading them, take on board more of your message and are more likely to act upon your call to action, be it to make a purchase, follow you on Twitter, visit your website, accept your romantic date invitation etc.

So, what’s organic growth, then?

Don’t worry; organic growth in regards to email marketing has absolutely nothing to do with overpriced veg or ridiculously complicated muesli. It’s actually about how your database of contacts is built.

Organic growth email marketing is letting people make their own decision to sign up to your email list instead of adding them against their will or without their consent.

Ok, now tell me how to make my email marketing awesome!

Firstly, stop entering the email addresses from the back of business cards you’ve collected! It doesn’t matter what relationship you have with the person. Stop it. Yes, even those ones.

There’s only one exception when it comes to entering email addresses from business cards and that’s if the person it belongs to has said, “Yes” to you adding them. If that’s the case, go for it. Add them right now. Otherwise don’t do it. OK? Good.

Secondly, don’t buy email addresses from data companies. I don’t care how squeaky clean they claim their data is, it’s no good here. In this instance, purchased data is a no go area.

Now just to clarify an important point before you shoot me. If you want to understand the right time to buy data for your marketing, you’ll want to feast your eyes on this blog post titled, “The Difference Between Organic and Direct Email Marketing.”

Ok, anything else?

Yes, but only because I like you… Here’s the best tip so listen up. In order to make organic email marketing more effective and grow quickly, you need two things.

  • A descent amount of traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimisation can certainly help.
  • Create a powerful incentive that encourages people to take the plunge and sign up. Give them a good reason to want to be part of your list. You could use a special offer, a free resource to list a few ideas.

So there we have it. An explanation as to why organic email marketing is better. Happy days. Now? It’s time for a whisky.