Important changes are happening in the way customers are looking to engage with the businesses they want to use. Ignoring these changes could well see your competition take a big leap forward while you are left standing. Like never before, it is absolutely essential for everyone who has a business online to have a mobile website at the forefront of their marketing strategy.

Gartner Research is in the business of working out which way the IT wind is blowing. Gunter suggest that 2014 will, for the first time, see the majority of the world’s adults able to make transactions using mobile and internet technology.

This new splurge in mobile transactions is driven not just by the ballooning number of mobile phones in poorer countries. Mobile payment itself has hit that tipping point where everyone now agrees it is a just a great way to do business.

People are waking up to the need to understand the rising role of context in all of this. In the next couple of years, context will be as important to mobile services as search engines are in traditional web use. Instead of the user having to search for the stuff they want, the content will be pushing it’s way towards them, knowing what someone like then will want to see. Making sure that your customers are using your mobile application is only going to keep getting more important from here on in.

But it is this year that will see the biggest mobile milestone. Mobile phones will overtake personal computers as the most common way people choose to get on the web. If you use the internet to do business then that fact should be a big influence in all your plans. And if you are not fully on top of these changes at the start of today, then you should be looking at getting some expert help by the end of it.

At Bootcamp Media, based in Birmingham, we have been gearing up for this for a long time. Nobody is in a better position than we are to provide your business with mobile websites using responsive design.

If up to now you have failed to capitalise on the importance of mobile applications, then the time to fix that is right now. Our mobile design specialists can speak to you today on developing a mobile website for your business.