Adding tags to your photos is a great way to gain more followers and share your photos and videos with more people.

Instagram uses Hashtags  to categorise  pictures and videos.

If your profile is set to public then adding tags will make them visible on public tag pages. After you tag your photo or video you’ll be able to tap on the hashtag and it will bring up the tag page with all the other associated tags.

So what options should you consider when using hashtags? Here are some pointers on how to hashtag and more importantly what to hashtag.

Be specific

Using the right hashtags will enable you to connect with like minded people who are potentially searching for the same thing or something similar.

Having specific hashtags will mean that users are not sifting through photo’s that are of no use to them. Tagged photos will go to a highly targeted tag page, where other photos with the same specific tags will also be.

You need to pay attention to other photos that use the same tag as yours. This will draw to your attention the most popular hashtags that you may have not thought of yourself.

Do your research

Researching is easy, simply tap on “Search Instagram” and then on ‘’Tags”. At this point all you need to do is type the word you’re looking for and the results will appear below the search window.

When you search for specific tags you’ll find out that Instagrammers use shorted down or abbreviated tags for example #wiwt is “what I’m wearing today”. Make sure you’re aware of these common abbreviations.

After tagging a photo with a specific tag you may find that other users have used different tags to yourself, they may have thought of my specialised tags that you hadn’t thought of originally.

Make a note of the targeted tag pages that have the highest quantity of photos compared to the more specialised tags, it will give you a good idea of what people are searching for and what tags are more popular than others.

Get Tagging

The idea is not to tag every single word, only the most relevant and important. You can use many different hashtags to let other users know the most important details of your Instagram.

These hashtags will make it easier for users that are looking for pictures or people with these keywords will find what they are looking for. So don’t just randomly use hashtags that aren’t relevant to you Instagram content.

Hashtags can be used for a variety of things, however many businesses are uses hashtags to help them with advertising.

Businesses set up giveaways and competitions for their followers to enter, it usually involves re posting the image with a specific hashtag. The business can then use this hashtag to see who and how many people have entered the competition.