Everybody wants links, especially links from high authority sites but as you all know, building links is a hard job. It can be a long and sometimes frustrating  endeavour.

Or you could do what Apple did, and give away a U2 album, and gain ridiculous amounts of links off of the consumer backlash.

On the 9th of September, during their iPhone 6 launch event, Apple gave away the new U2 album, Songs of Innocence, to all of their iTunes users. The recipients weren’t charged, but the forcible entry of the album for those who have automatic downloads set up, rubbed a lot of them the wrong way. They had not asked for the album, yet they couldn’t remove it initially.

Then kindly old Apple published this page, that with a single click will remove the album from your iTunes library. And while it may have been something of a PR disaster, in terms of link building, it has become an accidental master-stroke.

At time of writing, accoriding to MajesticSEO they have currently earned themselves 805 backlinks, from 60 domains including Wired, Forbes, and BBC, to name but a few. Not bad for a one landing page created in response to a huge public backlash!

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