Yes. It’s true. The real power and value of your Facebook page isn’t so much to do with the amount of fans you have. It’s something else altogether.

That ‘something else’ that I’m talking about is what your business needs to focus on if you want your Facebook page to grow and be a success.

The number 1 question

The biggest question we get asked here at Bootcamp Media is, “How do I get more likes on my Facebook page?”

The number 1 answer

Well the truth is, your likes are not what you need to focus on. Your fans will simply become a by-product of doing that ‘something else’ I mentioned a little while ago.

So, what’s this ‘something else’, then?

Ok, so you really want to know what this ‘something else’ is? No problem! I’ll tell you. Just send £100 to my PayPal acc – Ok, I’m kidding!

Ok seriously now… That ‘something else’ that can truly influence the potential of your businesses Facebook page is friends of fans.

Go on…

Ok, let me explain. When you eat out for a nice meal, chances are you’ll recommend that same restaurant and potentially the same dish to your friends, family or even your partner.

That friend, family or partner will then most likely listen to your recommendation and check your suggested place out. The same idea can be used on Facebook.

Another idea. Let’s say you’re looking to buy a car, chances are you’ve a friend who you consider a car enthusiast. If you’ve seen your friend engaging with a car dealerships Facebook page, there’s a good chance you’ll visit their website and enquire with that dealership when you’re ready to buy.

Ok, so how do I get to these friends of fans?

Well you’ll be glad to know that there’s several. Here’s a summary of the top 3 ways to get in front of friends of fans:

1) Encourage interaction of your fans with engaging content. Ask questions and use photos etc.
2) Provide incentives to your fans for sharing content to their Facebook friends
3) Feature new customers or clients on your Facebook page

So there we have it! The true power of your businesses Facebook Page revealed. For me? It’s time for a bag of Mini CHeddars. Extra Mature. Nice.