Technological development in recent years has led to the ability to communicate without actually leaving our desks. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important for us all as a community to come together and have face-to-face conversations about the future of tech. Indeed, a number of major technological advances have occurred as a result of groups of people coming together and meeting in the non-digital world. Think social media and search engines for example.

Computer technology events in Birmingham are becoming more and more popular due to the city’s central location and good transport links. Birmingham has hosted some fantastic events recently, such as Hackathon 2018 which was a resounding success, and the National Exhibition Centre has played host to many more.

That said, we’re all short of time, so here are the six technology events you must visit in Birmingham in 2019. We’ve covered a range of interests here.

1) Develop a Successful AI Tech Entrepreneur Business

26th February 2019

Why is this interesting?

As Birmingham tech events go, one that provides an opportunity to become directly involved in the field of artificial intelligence is worth talking about. Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prominent in our daily lives and we’re routinely carrying around the tech in our pockets every day.

Whilst AI tech may be an interest for many of us, it’s a business opportunity too and what better way to advance a field than to get up every morning to put your time and effort into it?

2) Medtech Innovation Expo

15th-16th May 2019

MedTech 2019 is an upcoming tech event which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham. It is specific to the medical industry but that doesn’t exclude those outside the industry from taking an interest. At the Medtech Innovation Expo 2019, the technologies showcased range from the simple through to the revolutionary and for anybody who loves tech, it’s amazing to see how developments can turn into something that can change lives.

3) Badego

28th February 2019

Glug Birmingham

Birmingham, GB
3,750 Gluggers

Glug – This is Notworking™. Talks, banter & intoxicated enlightenment for the creative establishment; over a beer. Hosts: @designfestbrum

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The last Badego meetup will be in February this year but that’s only because it’s merging with Glug Birmingham. The event is relaxed and straightforward and serves as a meeting point for the creatives in Birmingham. It’s a great opportunity to get involved in the tech community, meet new people, make new contacts and share ideas. Many new partnerships have arisen from this event. Birmingham’s silicon valley is growing – it’s time to become part of it.

There’s good food too at the venue – The Lost and Found on Bennetts Hill – which is never a bad thing.

4) The Big Bang Fair 2019

13th-16th March 2019

One of several Birmingham NEC tech events, The Big Bang Fair is one of the bigger ones. This event is aimed at promoting STEM fields for young people across the UK. There are competitions, exhibits, and learning opportunities all focused on the field of technology.

It serves as a great place to start for those new to the technology field. There are many opportunities to be inspired at the event, and to meet other people who have taken their first steps as well as others who have established themselves in their chosen field.

This exciting event aims to entertain as much as it intends to educate. Well worth attending in March.

5) Develop a Successful FinTech Start-up

27th February 2019

According to Business Birmingham, “overall, Birmingham has the largest Business, Professional and Financial Services sector outside London, with 10,350 companies”. This growth in financial technologies (or FinTech) in Birmingham is going to lead to a great deal more Birmingham FinTech events in coming months. This FinTech start-up event looks at how technology and business can come together to be successful.

6) Midlands Engineering & Tech Careers Fair 2019

9th March 2019

One of the best tech careers fairs in Birmingham, this event is essential for those looking to take their first steps in the engineering and tech field, or for those considering a career change. Exhibitors promise to share the realities of working for them, and as part of the industry, so you can get a feel for what there is out there before stepping in.

Other Technology Events 2019 in the Midlands

1) Silicon Canal, AI Ethics

Monthly: See Link

AI Ethics Leamington Spa

Leamington Spa, GB
25 Members

A group for all interested in discussing and progressing the intersects of: – Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning – ethical and moral implications – standards & audit & law & …

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Not strictly a Birmingham tech event, but not too far away in Leamington Spa, Silicon Canal run a monthly get together for those interested in the ethics of artificial intelligence.

As artificial intelligence develops, we have to ensure it is sustainable enough to exist within a society that develops alongside it, not against it. AI is often misunderstood due to fantasies created around it by the media, and it is important that ethics are considered so that its development isn’t stifled.