Tally iOS Review

It’s really easy to fall into bad habits both professionally and at home. Reaching for snacks when you’re stressed, “Forgetting” to exercise or just spending too much on the mobile game that you can’t seem to put down. If you’re trying to be good and break those bad habits and replace them with good ones, you might need a little bit of help in keeping track of all your positive actions and inversely all those slip-ups. Tally, an iOS app designed and developed by Treebetty LLC may just be the thing to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Tally, as its name suggests is a simple way for you to keep an eye on anything in your life you may want to keep a track of. On a diet? Then you can use tally to track how many times you’ve snacked or how many times you’ve gone for a walk in a week. Working too hard? Use Tally to count the breaks you’ve had throughout the day. In short, Tally can count and track anything you want it to.

Once you’ve downloaded Tally you’re taken through a few tutorial screens on how to use the app. You don’t need any more instruction than that, the app is that simple. Once you’ve decided what you want to track, create a new tally by clicking on the plus sign and entering some basic details on how you want the tally to work. Once you’ve entered the name of the tally, how often the tally resets (daily, weekly, monthly, annually or never), if it has a target, and most importantly the colour of the tally box, that’s it.

There’s nothing more to set up. Your new tally will now show on your front page. To add to your tally score you can either push and hold on the tally box or double tap the box. In both cases you’ll add one to your tally score.

That’s the basic function of Tally but you’re given a few more tools in your toolbox to use with your tallies. For example you can write on a journal on each one of your tallies. It’s a simple notepad page that you can use to write notes for each tally. You can use this space for anything you want.

Each tally has its own graph that tracks its results daily, weekly or monthly. It’s another tool that helps you see if your good or bad habits are heading in the right direction.

If you’ve had a really good week (or inversely a really bad week) and you really want to shout about it and let everyone know, there is a sharing function. The sharing function allows you to share across Facebook, Twitter, Email and more.

If you download the free version then you can create up to three tallies, but if you splash the £3.99 to upgrade to the Pro version then you get even more thrown into the app for your money.

  • Unlimited tallies
  • CSV Data Export
  • Dropbox Back-up
  • Habit Archiving
  • Password Protection

To sum up, if you need a nice and simple way to track a few of your professional or lifestyle habits then Tally could be just what you need. Even without the upgrade, Tally gives you everything you need to track a few habits plus some handy tracking to boot. With more than three things to track, you’ll be better off upgrading to the pro version for only £3.99 and taking advantage of all its other features.