So, you’ve decided to head into the world of digital marketing.

Excellent. That’s one hell of a career choice.

There’s just one thing you’ll need to get through first – the interview. And don’t get us wrong; going for a job interview in the world of digital marketing isn’t something to be feared.

On the contrary, it’s something to be relished. You just need our tips below to make sure you put your best foot forward.

Research the agency

The old job search adage goes something like this: you’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you.

This starts from the moment you bag that interview. Once the date is in the diary, take some time to research the agency so you know as much about them as possible before you set foot into that interview room.

Is the agency focused on one element of digital marketing such as SEO, or are they full service? For instance, do they also offer PR, social media management and content marketing services?

It’s vital you understand the makeup of the business before you head to the interview. If they’re specialist, they’ll probably want someone whose expertise lies in that specific field, while a full-service agency will probably want an all-rounder.

Pure play search engine optimisation agencies might see all-rounders as jacks of all trades, so be sure you pick the agency that best suits your skill set.

Know your stuff

Knowing the basics of digital marketing makes a huge difference, even if you’re going for a role that is far beyond that.

If you’re looking for a junior, entry-level role, the basics become even more important, so make sure you take time to brush up on the latest trends, tools and techniques.

Sometimes, the basics really are the basics.

A case in point: a few years ago, Bootcamp Media held interviews for a junior position, and out of the four people shortlisted, only one knew what SEO stood for.

Guess who got the job?

Expect the unexpected

The best digital marketing agencies won’t try and trip you up in interviews, and they’re not intent on making you look stupid, but you should expect the unexpected when you’re in the hot seat.

You might be thrown one or two odd curveball interview questions. These are designed to test how you react under pressure and to sniff out your level of creativity. They’ll also give the interviewer a great insight into your personality.

So, don’t be surprised if you’re asked, “why are manholes round?”. When that kind of stuff is thrown at you, take your time to digest the question and form an honest answer.

Lastly, some interviews are completely different to what you might expect. For instance, interviews that do not involve questions at all aren’t as rare as you might think, and a growing number of marketing agencies are adopting new interview techniques such as this. 

Don’t forget to ask relevant and thoughtful questions

Most interviewers will ask whether you have any questions for them at the end of your interview. It’s essential that you give this some thought beforehand, so that you are able to make a lasting impression once you have left the interview room. How you handle the closing of an interview is as important as how you handle making that very first impression.

Wrapping up

If you are interested in becoming a web designer, content marketing bod or SEO specialist, the tips above will ensure you enter the interview room confidently.

More importantly, they’ll enable you to be no one other than yourself. And that’s what modern, decent marketing agencies want to see.

Now, go get that job!