We’ve come up with some top tips for bloggers that are set on improving their blog in 2014. Blogging requires effort, so before you commit you must set yourself some realistic goals.

Whether you’re new to the world of blogging or have been doing it for years, now is the time to set yourself some goals for the year ahead.

Blogging is now bigger than ever and if you want your blog to stand out above the rest then here’s how – if you can implement these tips on your own blog then you’re sure to have a winning blog in 2014.

1. Review your Content Strategy

Content is of course the most important aspect of any blog. For your blog to be a success it must provide viewers with interesting, compelling content. Reviewing your content is crucial and what better time to do it than at the start of the year. Whether you’ve had your blog a year or 5 years it doesn’t matter, take a look at your previous posts and see what works and what doesn’t. Any strategy should include long and short term goals. What posts have been successful? Take into account how your content has been received. Are your posts regularly getting shared or sparking conversation amongst other bloggers? Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of embeddable content. Being diverse is crucial in the world of blogging. Having a blog that is rich in multimedia makes it easier for viewers to share content through a variety of forms of social media. Do your research – see what other bloggers are doing. What resources are these bloggers using? Google trends allows you to explore trending search topics, highlighting the most searched real-world people, places and things. If you are looking for a more detailed guide on content strategy then take a look here.

2. Blog more regularly

When setting your goals it is important for you to be realistic, not everyone can commit to posting daily. Blogging once a week is acceptable as long as you remain consistent. Blogging regularly can be highly beneficial to your blog. Regular blogging will keep your readers coming back for more. If you can produce quality content on a regular basis then you’re definitely on the right track. Although we’d all like to blog more, creating quality content takes time and you should never jeopardize the quality of your work for quantity. Regular fresh content will show your readers that your are an expertise in your field – quality post will do a lot more for your blog over a few weak posts. Blogging requires a certain about of dedication and it is easy to become slack. Consistency is highly important so make use of the publishing schedules available on blogging sites such as WordPress’ Editorial Calendar.

3. Review your SEO

Search Engines change and evolve all the time, so do the Search Engine Optimisation strategies and tactics, make sure you stay on top by following top industry blogs. What was working last year may not necessarily work this year, therefore keeping on top of all the SEO news is very important. Regular, high quality blogging can improve your search engine ranking as search engines love fresh content. Each new post you publish will add a page to your blog giving you opportunity to target new keywords and gain more traffic.

4. Review your Social Strategy

Use platforms that are relevant – there is no need to create a profile on every social media site available – just use the ones that are most relevant to your subject matter and more importantly see what types of social media your audience/readers are using. Promoting your blogs content through social media is important when trying to reach a wider audience. Social media is your way of promoting your blog, by blogging regularly you can increase the number of people within your reach, you’ll also have a stream of fresh content to tell everyone about.

5. Go Mobile Friendly

If you haven’t done that already then 2014 is the year you should make your blog mobile friendly. With more people accessing Internet through smartphones there is really no excuse. You can use Google Analytics to see how many of your visitors are coming to your blog using their smartphones. It will also show you what types of devices they are using. Make sure to test your blog on the most popular devices and provide your visitors with a good experience.