The SEO industry is growing rapidly and in the UK is now worth over £500 million. The market is set to only get bigger as both consumers and advertisers are moving away from traditional media like TV and press.

According to Econsultancy’s SEO Agencies Buyer’s Guide “the market grew by 18% over 2011, reaching an end of year value of £514 million, compared to £436 million at the end of 2010.”

Even in a time of economic uncertainty, this industry is growing rapidly and there’s no sign of things slowing down just yet. This is great news for any SEO companies wanting to expand.

Econsultancy also highlight that “the valuation, contained in the 2012 SEO Agencies Buyer’s Guide, includes payments to agencies as well as investment in client-side staff to manage SEO and implement changes.”

The Search industry is probably one of the best industries to be in right now as it is constantly growing. To keep up with this increase in demand many companies are looking to hire new SEO’s.

So what exactly are these companies looking for? Here’s some advice that could help you land a job in SEO.


Keep up with the Industry

It’s important to have your own online presence. Do you spend time online outside of work? Are you familiar with any industry blogs? Search industry professionals will want to see that you have a genuine passion for Search Engine Optimisation.

If you do follow SEO blogs make sure that you probe article details, you need to be familiar with the blogs you read. Always read SEO news, this will keep you up to date on everything you need to know. Employees will want to see that you are passionate and that you can actively learn new stuff in your spare time.

If you maintain and optimise your own site it will show potential employers not only that you know what you’re doing but that you’re also passionate about it. Employees are looking for someone that lives for Internet marketing. If you don’t have a passion for technology and the Internet then you’ll probably never be any good.

Never stop learning

As long as you’re smart and efficient, everything else can be taught. The SEO world is ever changing, you are at the forefront of technology and no school or university can prepare you for that. Traditional universities are rather useless when it comes to learning SEO. If you are interested in learning more then there are some good online alternatives. DistilledU or Moz Academy are good places to subscribe.

It is crucial that you are willing to try something new and when faced with a problem you can handle it. Some companies take on interns and see them through to expert level, so you must be prepared to learn off the clock and put in the extra hours. You need to have the motivation to push yourself to improve.

With Google’s algorithms changing all the time you have to constantly learn new things and adapt. Everyone has bad habits, but you must be prepared to forego old methods that are no longer relevant or will not work. Being naturally curious is a great trait to have in this industry, as you can never be done learning.

Build Relationships

Employees are looking for candidates with strong communication skills. Communication is key, whether it be written or spoken. You must have the potential to communicate as an expert. It is important that you can carry a conversation well. Be open, don’t be afraid to offer your thoughts and opinions.

SEO’s must be technical but also be creative and have the ability to come up with big ideas. A great SEO should also be a good communicator, as you will be expected to build relationships with site owners and other internet users. You have to be familiar with social media and use this as a way of building relationships and increasing your popularity on the web.


inbox zero

Time is money and SEO is often a time consuming process, productivity is paramount. Here at Bootcamp Media we’re productivity ninjas, if you struggle to manage your daily “to do” list and are not familiar with Inbox Zero then you probably should start Googling it now.

To be a good SEO employee you must have fantastic time management. Keeping on top your workload is essential.


Few of these qualities are to do with technical know how. The ideal SEO employee must have the right personality, traits such as passion, self-motivation and curiosity are helpful however there are many other qualities to consider.

The technical know-how can be taught and with time an SEO employee can go from an intern to an expert if the right amount of time and effort is put in. If you are thinking about joining the SEO industry take everything you have read into account, if you have a passion for the internet and you think you have the right personality then this could be the perfect career for you.

We are a Birmingham SEO company and we’ve recently been looking to recruit. Unfortunately we’ve been unsuccessful in finding the right candidate and have found that good SEO’s are few and far between. If you’re good at what you and do and are passionate about SEO then finding a job is easy all you need is the right personality and an ambition to learn.