how to get a job in social media

Businesses are using social media on a regular basis as a way of promoting their services or products online – as this continues many new roles have began to materialise. For those looking for a job in the social media field – there are now a variety of new positions and roles out there. If you’re considering pursuing a job social media, then these tips will provide you with some useful information that could land you the job of your dreams.


With any job you must have some experience in your field – you need to be comfortable using social media platforms. Networking with professional social media institutions is important – the ability to generate fresh, original ideas is also key. Conduct extensive research into other companies and competitors – this will be highly useful. Don’t worry if you don’t have any paid experience, you can create online presence for non commercial projects such as local clubs or charities. This will help you gain valuable experience.

You must try and gain as much knowledge in as many different social media platforms as you can. Engage with friends and family, promote your favourite things (your business or your hobbies) anything to get yourself out there. Building experience is easy and you can pretty much do it any time that you like.

Familiarise yourself with any need to know programmes, try and learn how to edit and crop photos this will give you an upper hand. If you’re struggling for experience try and offer your services to smaller businesses free of charge, the best way to get experience is to show your willing.

Get Noticed

If you haven’t already got one, build yourself a good online presence, whether it’s sharing your insights on a blog or vlogging via YouTube. It will really help you secure a role/position if you can show examples of your passion for social media and how well connected you are.


Make connections with people in the industry and try and attend any networking events that are relevant. Most professionals would be more than happy to open up and give you an insight into the world of social media. Use your social presence to meet with other social media professionals, some may even assess what skills you need and highlight areas you could improve on – it may be worth arrange interviews before hand.

Be Professional

You should create separate accounts for your personal and professional profile. Whether your account is clear of drunken nights out or not it’s always better to keep your private life away from your professional life – this will increase your chances of getting a job.

Follow Useful Blogs

Use popular social media blogs for inspiration and advice, take a look at relevant thinkers that you aspire to be like, follow them on Twitter – see what they are thinking and what moves they are making in the social media world. What’s their online presence like? What things do they do well or not so well?

The best way to learn is to always by studying real examples and interacting with people who are in the social media industry themselves. Most of the information you’ll need to start is readily available for free so make use of it!