When you need to shop for something very specific and you decide to do so online, the wealth of stores available and the sheer number of purchasing options can be rather overwhelming.

This is why it’s vital that you approach such a task with an orderly, proactive mindset. The right product won’t come to you, which is why you need to seek it out and do all you can to find the best deal from the best retailer.

A brilliant way to do this is to apply productivity tips that are usually reserved for the workplace, because the methods used by people to further their careers and get stuff done will help you complete a very successful shopping trip.

Here are five of our favourite productivity tips that you can apply to online shopping:

1. Block out distractions

The last thing you need as you try and hunt down that perfect purchase is to be continually disturbed by smartphone notifications or the ever-present threat of your email inbox.

Facebook, Twitter and the myriad of people sending you stuff via email can all wait until you’re finished shopping, so mute your smartphone, close your email client and focus on the task in hand.

Oh, and turn the TV off, too!

2. Set yourself a time limit

There’s no need to rush your online shopping, but if you set yourself a timeframe within which you’re confident you can find what you need, you’re far more likely to see a positive result.

labelsFor example, knowing that you need to find that new pair of wedding shoes by midday gives you something to aim towards and will help you focus the search without wandering down unrelated cul-de-sacs.

3. Get up early and shop before dawn

If you’re anything but an early riser, this might sound like your idea of hell, but you’d be surprised by how much more productive you’ll be after an early start.

Try it. Get up as early as you dare, have a coffee and get down to the business of online shopping. Your brain’s semi-dream state will help you significantly and you’ll be done before anyone else has risen out of bed, leaving the rest of the day clear for other tasks.

4. Outsource tasks

In order to keep your to-do list under control at work, you’ll occasionally need to outsource particular tasks. The same goes for shopping; if you can rope someone in to help you, you’ll get the job done in half the time.

Let’s say you need to buy a new lawn mower. Why not ask your signifiant other (or a friend) to scour 50% of the potential retailers, while you tackle the other half? You can compare notes and findings, and two sets of eyes are far more likely to source the best deal than one.

5. Rely heavily on technology

The most productive people make incredibly effective use of technology in order to get things done. When it comes to shopping, that means using the device which enables you to whiz quickly through online stores (that could be a laptop, smartphone or tablet, depending on your personal preference).

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You can also rely on a number of modern payment techniques to speed up checkouts. The likes of Apple Pay make the process of paying for stuff incredibly quick and negate the need to search around for the right credit card.

Wrapping up

Online shopping should be fun – not a chore, and if you use our tips above, you’ll quickly find what you’re after and benefit from the best deals in town.