How our employees and business will benefit from a shorter working day.

We are Introducing a shorter working day.

You might think we’ve gone slightly mad, but at Bootcamp Media, we’ve decided to reduce the working hours for everyone.What was once a 9.30am-6pm day will soon become a 9.30am – 4.30pm day.

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But, we’re going to go one step further. We’re also thinking of introducing unlimited holidays. That’s right; no caps – take as much time off as you want.

We’re doing this for two main reasons:

As reasons go, they’re solid enough for us, but you probably have one burning question on your mind.


The reason is actually rather simple. For quite some time, we’ve suspected that the key to productivity lies in people working for shorter periods of time and maintaining resolute focus on what they’re doing. Working long or hard doesn’t mean you will get more done.

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Productivity is all about being able to work smart and keep your focus. And from our experience, long working hours do not help with focus at all. We have also noticed that long working hours are a massive drain on creativity which is such an important part of SEO and Web Design.

With fewer hours to play with, you tend to get more done because you know the clock is ticking that tiny bit faster, and by reducing the working day by an hour and a half, we are confident our productivity will benefit. We will also be happier.

There are some additional benefits of a shorter working day:

1. We will be kinder to the environment

There’s no getting away from the fact that the more time we spend in the office, the larger our carbon footprint grows. We have computers, lights, heating and a myriad of other invaluable devices and services that keep us operating but which continually cost the environment, big time.

As a nation, we’re consuming a lot of energy. By reducing the time spent at work, we’ll collectively make a difference to the global carbon footprint.

2. More productive employees

If you’ve ever pushed yourself above and beyond during a particular week and worked until your eyes feel like they’re about to fall from their sockets, you’ll know how unsustainable it is.

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Yet, some people do this, week-in, week-out. Unfortunately, beyond the obvious health issues, working constantly has an equally detrimental effect on productivity.

Work shorter hours, and you’ll be more focused and less likely to have to take time off due to illness.

3. Lower staff turnover

Finding new talent is one of the biggest problems in the SEO industry today, therefore the ability to retain talent is very important. Happy employees are likely to hang around, and if you implement a shorter working week, the people who work for your company will know that you have their best interests at heart.

Working shorter hours is a fantastic employee benefit, and because it still isn’t the norm, we think our business will stand out beyond all others.

Why would anyone want to look elsewhere for a job?

4. Reduced stress levels

The shorter your working week, the more time you have available to spend with loved ones.

If you can invest more of your time at home doing the things you love, your stress levels should subside. No one should be completely consumed by work, no matter how much the job or industry means to them.

Less work and more play makes happier employees – simple.

5. Ease the burden on families

Employees who have young children will often need to invest in the services of childcare during the week. This is an expensive part of modern day life and means parents spend less time with their children during those important formative years.

With a shorter working week, parents can spend less on childcare and spend more time undertaking the task themselves. By balancing their time between work and home life more effectively, there’ll be fewer instances of missing out on those precious early experiences of raising a child.

6. More time for friends

We’ve already noted the benefits of reducing one’s stress levels by spending more time with the family, but the same goes for your friends, too.

7. A smoother transition to retirement

It’s not often you’ll see us talking about retirement on this blog, but it’s a fact of life and is something we’ll all end up undertaking.

Working long, arduous weeks makes the eventual transition to retirement tough for many. And if you think it would be the opposite following hours and hours of over-working – think again.

Many people struggle to come to terms with retirement when they make the switch from working near constantly to having nothing to do. Even if you have a number of hobbies in which to invest your time, coming off the back of a relentless woking ethic will leave a big hole in your life.

Shorter working weeks give you more time to indulge in the stuff that makes you happy outside of the office, and if you start that process early on, retirement will feel like a natural step once it arrives.

Wrapping up

We understand that shorter working weeks and unlimited holiday aren’t for every business, nor will every employee like the idea of the former, but we strongly believe it will work very well for our company and our clients.