Across the Pond

The Big Apple is famous for its new developments, big business and style across the city. Well good news! Now theres going to be an awesome new feature developed by the New York Health Department. The Big Apple is working toward a new online portal, which is designed to give patients access to their or their relatives health records.

The Big Apple has launched a new public campaign for New Yorkers to vote on the portal’s website design from 7 different options, provided by a number of website design firms across the city.

The new scheme boasts security as robust as online banking, support for the 11 million US citizens in New York and giving locals the ability to “login from anywhere” to access full health information such as cholesterol, blood pressure and other notes that’d normally only be available with a doctor present.

The Designers were invited to a public presentation evening in Buffalo where they showed off their prototypes for the portal and the very best were then selected for the big public vote.

How to Vote

To vote on the New Portals design just head over to Patient Portal for New Yorkers – It’s already sporting a pretty snazzy design of its own and features a video worth watching. The video is designed to help you understand the full features and responsibilities this new platform is going to have.
You can already do so much online, so why not access your most vital information? It’s a no brainer really.

We hope to see other Governments bring on this idea as it’s a pretty awesome one.