One of the biggest things start-ups or microbusinesses neglect is the importance of good, strong marketing when it comes to website design. Let me explain… Tea or coffee?

Awesome looking design on a website will ensure everything’s beautiful and delicious for your retinas, but good looks alone rarely results in a website that generates new business.

Ugly is best…

Now, if I was asked to choose between beautiful design and good marketing, it would be the latter of the two every single time without a doubt. I’d bet my last custard cream on it.

You see, ugly websites with effective marketing strategies are very frequently much more effective at generating business that a website that’s a major piece of eye candy with little to no marketing.

Don’t believe me? Below is a screen grab of one of the Internet’s most powerful squeeze pages. It’s far from pretty. (Far from it actually) but it captures thousands of high quality leads all year round, simply because of its marketing. Its great performance has nothing to do with beauty or design.

Motley Fool Squeeze Page

So, when it comes to your website…

Make sure your integrated marketing strategy is considered first and only once you’ve got that in place should you then turn to making it beautiful.

The truth is, rather than choose between marketing and design, you should have both in place on your new website in the first place. That way you don’t have to choose. That way, you have a website that’s far more effective at doing its job. Generating you enquiries, sales and ultimately, new business.

So, it looks like I’m a custard cream up. #win.