Instagram vs Vine

More and more brands are starting to use Vine and Instagram as part of their marketing strategy. Video has become a growingly popular way to share information and interact with customers.

Video advertising is all about engaging with you customer or selling a product rather than telling a sprawling expansive story, this is why Instagram and Vine have been so popular.

Instagram has taken off with its glorious 15 second editable video functionality complete with image stabilization. Insta-videos are 15 seconds long and utilise the best of Instagram’s customisable features – 13 different filters, easy sociability and the ability to choose a frame for its cover image.

Vine is an intriguing platform, mostly because its unique in the fact that the videos are only 6 seconds long. Vine has an easy integration with Twitter allowing videos to be shared to a much wider audience. Unlike Instagram, Vine has no filters, however it attracts a group of users who are pleased by the challenges set forth in the app.

vine vs instagram


Regardless of the rivalry between Instagram and Vine, both apps will continue to thrive, in this case the problem isn’t necessarily which platform is better but more to do with what works best for your business.

Companies have posted content on both platforms and have been unsuccessful, it’s worth focusing on how each platform should be used and what it could do for your business. Both platforms are useful to businesses the trick is understanding how to use them to your advantage.

When to use Vine

    • New product features – Vine is a great way to showcase any new product features that are launching. The 6 seconds time span gives just enough time to reveal the product for users to want to find out more.


      • How to videos – this may not apply to all products for example, 6 secs would not be long enough to show users how to use a complex pieces of equipment. However, some companies have used Vine to show how to use certain tools.



    • Teasers – 6 seconds is just enough time to give your just enough information to want to find out more. Showing a snippet of your product or revealing the date of a new product launching is a great way of using Vine to your advantage.


    • Live integration – Vine is a great way of responding to customers questions and queries quickly and easily.



When to use Instagram

    • Commercial Style Videos – Companies like Nike are great examples of showing how to create a commercial style video. With a whole 15 seconds it’s easy to stimulate a ad similar to those on the TV.


  • Promotional Campaigns – This platform provides you with a whole 9 more seconds than its rival, this give businesses the opportunity to showcase a lot more of the product.


  • Video Series – Why not start your own video campaign, this means you will be able to continually engage with you followers and create a good relationship. Video series can also help to show off your brand’s personality.

According to Instagrams blog, the platform now has a community of 150 million users, compared to Vine which has just 40 million 

Both Apps are free to download, click here for Instagram and here for Vine.

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