Best Places to Network in Birmingham

There is a difference between people who go on dates on a Friday night for a happy hour in comparison to those who like to meet for lunch dates. And the same goes for networking. If you find you can best shine in a busy lunch or evening setting, you might not go well with the early birds at a morning meet up at 6:30 am no matter how good the breakfast is.

No wonder people so often compare business networking to dating.

A lot of the same rules apply. In the post ‘3 Step Guide to `Business Networking’, we talked about techniques of how to get the most out of a business networking event. Read: How to charm your date. We all know the drill, put your best foot forward, don’t bore your date with only talking about yourself but make them remember you. And if you want to see them again, don’t be shy – call!

You certainly know the best places to take someone out for a date in your neighbourhood. But where do you go to find new business partners?

Best Places to Network in Birmingham

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK right after London. And this comes with its perks for business growth. As the financial heart of the region, Birmingham has a bubbling business scene. Unsurprisingly the offering of business networking events in Birmingham is very diverse!

Running a successful business for years in Birmingham, we have attended many networking events and it would be a shame not to share the ones we love to come back to. So here you go, in no particular order, five of our favourite business networking events in Birmingham.

The Colmore Curry Club

Collaboration | Networking | Atmosphere | Food

  • Where? Itihaas – Newhall Street, Birmingham City Centre
  • How often? Usually first Friday of each month
  • What time? 12.30 – 2.30pm
Just having celebrated their third anniversary, The Colmore Curry Club is a lunchtime networking event that will satisfy your taste buds and business goals alike. This is a great event for all those enjoying informal events. What’s more, it’s held at an award-winning Indian restaurant Itihaas in the centre of Birmingham.
The Colmore Curry Club aims to create long-lasting partnerships between individuals and organisations across the city over a delicious two-course lunch.

Need proof that this networking event is fun and relaxed? The Colmore Curry Club has even given their guests a culinary challenge to create their own version of a traditional Papri Chat starter.

At the Colmore Curry Club, you will be able to meet a range of professionals from various business fields. Starting from entrepreneurs to banking and legal representatives the event usually gathers around 70 guests for you to meet. Moreover, they also organise other business focused events – Colmore Breakfast Club and Cocktail Club.

What’s particular about this networking event, it also cares about the people of Birmingham. From every ticket sold, they donate £2.50 to LoveBrum, a community-focused charity.

Phoenix Lunch Club

Sociable | Business | Relationships | Diverse

  • Where? Different venues in Birmingham
  • How often? Last Thursday of the month
  • What time? 12.30pm

Phoenix Lunch Club is a social business networking club that has been running for 20 years now. It is designed to enable people to make contacts and do business in a relaxed environment. The emphasis is on no hard sell but on building relationships and thereby doing business.
The event is different because people genuinely do form relationships which last.

In the Phoenix Lunch Club, you will meet a diverse bunch of businesses, from recruiters to business owners to lawyers, insolvency practitioners and surveyors. What makes it even more interesting is that each event is hosted in a different venue around the city and by a different host that provides ever new experiences to the networking guests. So if you feel up to it you can nominate yourself to host the next Phoenix Event.

Striving for diversity and the best possible business connections for their guests, The Phoenix Lunch Club is looking to expand the attendance, so feel free to explore what they have to offer.

Brummies Networking

Relaxed | Fun | Good-value

  • Where? G Casino Broad Street, Birmingham, B15 1AY – Free parking in the casino’s Tennant St multi-storey & open air car parks
  • How often? Monthly (2nd Tuesday)
  • What time? 10:00am – 12:00pm

If you are looking for a something a little different and definitely don’t like early morning networking, then Brummies Networking might be just the networking event for you.

There’s no meeting format, just pure, open networking. Lots of free coffee and biscuits provided and if you’re feeling charitable you can always donate to G Casino’s resident charity, Carer’s Trust.


Brummies Networking is a totally free, no-fee business networking group. It’s networking, stripped back. Just come along, chat to people, forge relationships, and hopefully do business together.

Only a year old, PULSE Birmingham has already branched out to hold events in Nottingham as well as developed an alternative format of coffee mornings. PULSE Birmingham is an event that connects local businesses with causes they can support and vice versa. Doing good for the community while building a community, that’s what an afternoon in PULSE Birmingham feels like.

Gem Media Networking Lunch

Informal | Vibrant | Local | Welcoming

  • Where? Various locations around Birmingham City
  • How often? 3rd Wednesday of the month
  • What time? 12:00 – 2:00pm

This business networking lunch never gets boring as the venue and food changes every month. Past venues include Marco Pierre White Steakhouse, Chung Ying Central, Park Regis Birmingham, Pushkar, Praza, Bardolino, Gas Street Social and so many more.

You can meet all types of professionals from a range of sectors, advertising, legal, hospitality, finance, charities and that’s just to name a few. The event hosts 80 to 100 guests, though it has been as many as 140.


This is an opportunity to connect with local members of our business community, and a chance to make some lasting and hopefully lucrative links.

Gem Media Network Lunch has become a firm favourite of business professionals. So, if you have a business in Birmingham, come and meet your community members.

Next to a delicious two-course or three-course lunch this networking event will give you the opportunity to meet up to 100 cross section businessmen and businesswomen.

These are just some of our networking events of choice. There are many more that you can find in Birmingham. Now that you are all equipped with both, the essential skills of networking and an insider’s look into the few best events on the scene, you should go and try your hand in the game!

If you know any networking events that you enjoy attending in Birmingham and we did not mention here, please let us know! We always love to try out new events and meet new people.

Have fun Networking!