Content marketing is all the craze these days and for good reason. Consumers are connected to digital media more than ever and have access to the web at all times. Given the relatively short attention spans consumers have – the average attention span in 2013 was eight seconds (only one second longer than a goldfish) – it has become increasingly difficult for brands to stand out.
To help you increase the amount of engagement your website gets, here are some tips to improve your content marketing strategy so that you can keep your visitors around longer and ultimately monetize them.

increase post lenght

1 Increase Blog Post Length

For some reason there seems to be this myth that blog posts should be around the 300 to 400 word range. If we look at the data on the topic of blog post length, it seems that the average length of blog posts that rank in the first 10 slots of the search results is more than 2,000 words. In fact, says research from serpIQ, blogs with 2,300 or more words tend to make up the first six spots in the SERPs.
To further this point on content length, there are additional studies by Neil Patel of QuickSprout that indicate posts with more than 1,500 words get 22.6 percent more Facebook shares and 68.1 percent more Tweets than posts with fewer than 1,500 words.
Finally, a Moz study analyzed the correlation between longer content and the amount of links a post gained. To summarize, “there seems to be a correlation between longer content and links.”
So the SEO benefits of longer content are immense. Longer content seems to generate better rankings, more social media shares, and more links. Of course this means you’ll still have to write great content but if you are hitting the 2,500 word mark it is likely you are covering a lot of info.

original visuals

2 Use Original Visuals

According to a study done by Media Bistro, visual social sites Tumblr and Pinterest have more monthly use per visitor than Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Google+ combined. The 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report found that most marketers, 60 percent, are already creating original visuals like infographics, pictures and memes in their content. The report also found that a full 70 percent of marketers planned on increasing their use of visuals for the upcoming year given the trends in visual data.
Visual sites are popping up everywhere and the fact that Instagram continues to be the fastest growing social media site is a testament to our desire to consume visual data. This emphasize of marketers on visual data makes sense – 65 percent of us are visual learners while 30 percent of us are audio learners and only five percent experiential learners.
Perhaps the most popular form of visual content are infographics, which Google Trends data indicates has grown by 800 percent over the last few years. This mixture of textual and visual elements helps readers to consume large amounts of data in an easily digestible format. Marketers should also not forget the power of visual presentation site SlideShare, a site that gets 60 million visitors each month.

3 Create a Podcast

We know from the above stat that about 30 percent of Americans are audio learners. The other benefit to audio content is that it doesn’t require your visitors to be fully engaged on your site – they can be driving to work, sitting at their desk working on some other task, or eating lunch without having to worry about playing with the mouse or keyboard while consuming your content.
Podcasts take a bit more extra effort to create than most of the other content on this page but can be a useful piece of marketing should you have the audience. Plus, this may be the best way for the industry authorities at your company to address specific in-depth topics or for you to record a Q and A with the CEO who never seems to have any time.
The other thing to consider when creating podcasts is actually transcribing them into text. This provides the search engines something more tangible to index and gives your brand the opportunity to capitalize on the SEO benefits of podcasts. Inbound marketing company Moz uses Speechpad to transcribe their White Board Friday videos and you can use this or a similar service to easily turn your audio into text to improve your ability to rank your podcast topics on your website.


The idea for content is to make it work for us to drive more traffic, increase our search engine rankings, and ultimately help us convert more visitors into sales. Use the above three ways to create a more successful content marketing strategy and generate more sales and leads for your brand.