If you have ever wished for ways to make the daily grind more enjoyable and productive, this article is for you. Whether your time is spent improving a site’s performance, analysing data or immersed in social media, there is an app or tool to take everything you do to another level. Did you know if you could make just a 10% improvement in how you use your time, you could save an extra 6 minutes every hour? That is almost an extra half a day per week. You don’t need to imagine having more time or dream about fewer hassles when working, everything you need is now just a few clicks away.

Don’t miss out on these top apps and tools to take your SEO services to the next level and boost your productivity now!

Do you need to check analytics on the go?

Analytics Pro

Understanding analytics can certainly be confusing at times, especially when the data isn’t presented in a ‘clean and easy to understand’ way.

When you are on the run or you only need an easy overview of the stats, Analytics Pro is an app you want to be using. The design, layout and uncomplicated navigation, makes it one of the best analytic tools to use. Analytics Pro works on iPhone and iPad.

Do you need to scrutinise a website?

screaming frog

When you are managing medium to large sites, checking each page manually eats up hours at a time, never mind that it is also just downright challenging.
Screaming Frog takes the hassle out of auditing and examining a website.
When you need to review the site, use this tool to spider everything on the site from an SEO angle to identify any issues. You can also export all your key information to excel to support you when you need to make suggestion.

Do you need to improve the website performance?

There is nothing worse than a slow-loading website and moreover, being negatively ranked because of it. If you haven’t already discovered Google’s page speed tool, check it out now.
Google offers this free tool to measure a website’s performance, as well as providing tips and areas of improvements. If you want more retentions and visitor engagement, this tool will not only help you to optimise the site, but support you in getting better conversions too.

Do you need to save info, images or links easily and effortlessly wherever you are?

Evernote Webclipper

When you are searching the web for content, ideas or anything of interest, you can use Evernote’s Webclipper easily to save your findings for later.
It comes in handy when you are collecting info, images or links for research or reading at another moment. You can drag and drop images, select text that you want to keep or save the entire page.
It makes organising painless; a simple click to save or find your information later. The tool installs on your toolbar, making it efficient and effortless to work with.

Do you need to build a keyword list?

keyword spy

Non converting keywords cost time and money. If you are looking for powerful keywords for a website or campaign, Keyword Spy is going to be a dream come true for you.
It will make you love doing ‘keyword research’ and save you heaps of time when you are building your list. It is a simple and uncomplicated tool to use and provides content in a clear and straightforward way.

Do you need to analyse links and track what your competitors are doing?

majestic seo

If you are looking for a tool to observe the top pages and inbound links of a site, head over to Majestic SEO now. This awesome tool allows you to generate an endless amount of reports and analyse the link metrics you want from the leading link database out there.
Updates are also done monthly so you know you have fresh data.

Do you need to track your time?

Rescue Time

Do you know where your time goes? Sometimes you might feel like you are working a lot, but you are not accomplishing much, or perhaps you want to track exactly how much time you are spending on what to measure your results. Rescue time will support you best in this.
You will receive weekly reports showing you exactly what websites and applications you spent your time on, how long and how productive you were.
You can use this to gain awareness around where you need to make some tweaks to increase productivity. Another great feature is the built in timer, allowing you to set time limits on tasks to boost your focus while working.

Do you need to sync your Social Media efforts?


HootSuite is a definite must if you want to save heaps of time scheduling all your tweets and social media messages ahead of time through multiple networks. You can track and analyse your traffic and the responses with its easy to use dashboard.
Keep all your communication in one place and batch your social media messages to save time during the week. You can use HootSuite individually or with your team.

Do you need to increase your focus and productivity while working?

Do you find that you get distracted easily or you have trouble concentrating? Do you like to listen to music while you work? Focusatwill is a leading neuroscience music tool which helps you to stay focused longer.
This tool offers a variety of music to choose from, a different set each hour. The paid version also allows you to set a timer on the tasks you need to do, while enjoying great music whilst you work. Distractions can finally be a thing of the past, increasing your attention span has never been easier.

Do you need to stay up to date with marketing trends?


Ad-ology is a fantastic mobile app that allows you to get the best information, marketing forecasts and daily briefings for free! How much time do you spend surfing the web for vital information to keep you ahead of the game?
This free app works with almost any device and will undoubtedly become one of your favourites in no time.

Do you need to manage your team, your work and clients?


Whatever your responsibilities are, Trello will help you to keep organised and on top of your game. Some of its features include providing client reports to Lead Management and a to-do list and task manager that syncs with your calendar among many more.
Having a tool to support you in managing everything you do helps you to leverage your time and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. It is one of the best tools for your team by far.

Do you need to quickly find out if you have been hacked or blocked?

One of the worst things that can happen to your site is having it hacked or blocked, and if this happens, you want to know about it asap! If you have this suspicion, you can quickly get the status of your website by using SEOAutomatic Malware scan.  Get an instant security report on all the different areas of the website.

If you want to breakthrough to the next level of success with your SEO, jump on the bandwagon and incorporate these tools and apps into your working routine now.
It is not only a question of being more productive, it is a question of finding the best ways as well.