Whatever your reason for blogging, the main aim of the game is to get as many views as possible. There are hundreds of millions of blogs out there and if you want your blog to be successful then it must stand out.
use embeddable content on your blog
It’s important that you try and use different forms of content, by doing this you will be building a better blog that’s more likely to attract readers. You want your blog posts to be memorable. Many bloggers have a generic approach to crafting blog posts and entries – you don’t want to fall into this trap

When it comes to blogging, content is everything, however it is so important to make your blog more engaging and to do this you should use rich media. Lets face it no one wants to read a blog that is full of text, the most engaging pages are those that communicate across different media types and tell a story.

It’s great when you can use a variety of forms of embeddable content, it’s worth using a combination of them all together if you want to have a better impact. So how can embeddable content make your blog stand out from the rest?


Images are great for breaking up heavy text, providing readers with visual relief. We are all attracted to images and they are a great way of grabbing a readers attention.

Images don’t have to be just photo’s either, using eye catching pictures, diagrams, charts, illustrations or even screenshots are all ways of making a pos visually appealing.

When you add a visual element to your posts you will grab the attention of those who are more visually oriented. Images draw the eye, illustrate points and add new dimension to what is largely a text based medium.

Images can really made your blog stand out. Humans are visual beings, the content could be amazing but if your blog doesn’t look good then who will read it?


Videos are a great way to add interest to text heavy blogs. Embedding videos allows you to bring both an audio and visual aspect to your blog.

Embedding content is a great way of cross – pollinating your communities for example, if you embed a video on your blog page and you want to attract more followers, you can share the video post on your Facebook page to show what you’re doing on your blog.

We love interaction, it’s great when a viewer can connect with you on a more personal level. Videos are one of the best ways to communicate with your audience as it allows them to see you personality.


Nowadays our attention spans are shorter than ever. Thats why soundbites have become so useful. Using sound-bites enriches an otherwise standard blog.

It can take just 10 seconds to describe the main idea for your content. Not only are sound bites easy to recognize, they’re also easy to remember, easy-to-share, and they stand out in the sea of words found online.

When creating a soundbite it is crucial to be unique, you want to create something that will stick in your viewers head, not something that they will instantly forget.

You can easy upload soundbites using Soundcloud straight from your smart-phone. Soundbites are also a great way of using sound effects to help tell a story for example the sound of the roar of a car engine cannot always be described with just words.


Using Infographics are a great way to promote your blog and raise awareness.

Your blog needs to be interesting and topical. Using Infographics is a great way to discuss a topical issue. The key is finding a topic that your audience cares about. It can be the “big thing” in your industry, or just something that your user base has a vested interest in.

The next step is to gather the data you need to fill your Infographic with compelling content, but of course this all depends on what type of blog you have.

There are plenty of places that you can create an Infographic, you may have already created an Infographic before and are familiar with an Infographic designer. However, it’s probably best to stay away from the DIY Infographics you want to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Slide Deck

Slideshows and image galleries work really well with blogs. They are a brilliant way to tell a story as you can put your images in a particular order that makes sense.

Slide shows are pretty simple and straight-forward to put together. There are many websites that you can create custom slideshows and arrange them to suit your taste. Websites such as www.slideshow.net are great for creating slideshows and galleries.