Instagram seems to have taken the social networking scene by storm. With its acquisition by Facebook, as well as its video component addition, users of the site seem to be growing at a phenomenal rate.

Although the platform has been widely associated with fashionistas, foodies and teens taking endless ‘selfies’, Instagram has also been recognized as a great visual platform for businesses. A large amount of businesses seem to have grasped the concept of using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, however Instagram still seems to challenge some companies.

Brands such as Starbucks, Adidas Originals and Victoria Secrets have gone from strength to strength with the platform, whilst other companies have failed to gain followers. Currently luxury brands and apparel dominate the Instagram world, but there are other brands that have used Instagram as a fantastic way of promoting their business.

Instagram and fashion brands seem to go hand in hand. Fashion brands use the site to showcase new up and coming products giving their followers an exclusive insight into all future trends. Followers love to see behind the scenes content this allows consumers to see a different side to the brand. Topshop for example have posted videos of behind- the – scenes footage from their AW13 photo shoots to give their followers a taster of what’s yet to come.

More and more brands are embracing Instagram around the world with the amount of subscribers growing at a staggering rate. However, just because a brand has an Instagram account doesn’t mean that they’re using it correctly. Here are 5 brands that are currently thriving on the Instagram scene right now and what they’re doing to be so damn good.


Currently leading the way in terms of followers is Nike which have 2.3 million followers, that’s over double the amount of their competitor Adidas who have just 955,086. Nike has been at the top of pack for months in terms of followers, Nike use fan interaction as a way of encouraging followers to share their photos and tag them #justdoit if Nike like the pictures they will feature them on their own channel. Nike has also taken advantage of the video aspect creating amazing videos that really captivate the brand and everything it stands for.

WAH London

WAH London is a nail art shop originally based in London. The company was formed in 2009 and it has become a phenomenon amongst girls and more recently guys. WAH uses Instagram as a way of promoting nail art and advertising the service they provide. They also use the platform as a way of advertising pop up shops and nail events as a way of attracting customers. WAH is still a fairly young business and over the past couple of years it has attracted over 553,000 followers who can get original nail art ideas of the site and keep up to date on all the gossip from the ever growing brand.


Time demonstrate how a brand can use Instagram to give its followers a ‘taster’ of what the Magazine has to offer. The use of images and videos allow followers to enter deeper into the Time world. Time offers sneak peaks and behind the scenes exclusive footage that can then be accessed on their main website in more detail. Time uses the platform to advertise up and coming articles and make consumers aware of what’s coming to in the near future.


Oreo is a great example of how a brand can use Instagram to be fun and playful. Oreo uses the platform to promote different ways of eating the cookie and advertises a variety of mouth-watering desserts that can be made using Oreo’s. The Oreo account is a great example of how brands can be creative with images and how pulling a number of images together can show how something is made. With less than 300 posts Oreo already has a following of 98,000.


GoPro is a portable video camera brand with a massive 1 million followers on Instagram. Like many other apparel brands GoPro features images and videos that are visually stunning. This is a demonstration of how a lesser known brand can use social media platforms as a way of promoting their products to a much wider consumer base.