Internet marketing is no game.

If you’re not focused and taking productive action every single day within your business, you have no business at all.

Becoming a successful yet productive internet marketer means learning a new set of skills, mastering them and having a plan of action to act on every single day.

There’s no getting around it.

I believe that if you apply these 3 tips you will not only become more productive within your business, but you will be more productive within your life!

The first tip is to…

1.)  Create A Daily List Of 5 Tasks

Personally, this is something I do within my own business.

I call it “The Power 5.” 

And the great thing about this list is that it doesn’t all have to be about your business!

Of course you’d add in the things you need to get done that day within your business, but you can put anything you’d like onto this list of tasks.

Here’s an example of my own Power 5 list:

  1. Video Marketing
  2. Email Follow-up
  3. Workout
  4. Social Media Advertising
  5. Blog Post

Four of my tasks are geared around doing income producing activities within my internet marketing business, while I have one task that integrates within my lifestyle.

Because it is mandatory for you to create a lifestyle into which your business can fit. 

Most people focus on building their lifestyle around their business and end up overworking themselves and jeopardizing their health trying to make money.

This is wrong.

Focus on creating the lifestyle first and then fit your business into it.

As you start making more money within your business, the lifestyle to work ratio gap will decrease and you will have more freedom to do whatever you’d like.

But until you get to that point, create your list and focus on doing what matters now!


2.) Develop Keen Focus

We live in a very distracting world where information is constantly being thrown at us from every direction.

If you want to succeed with internet marketing, you must develop the ability to focus.

You need to be able to focus on completing one thing at a time.

This means:

  • Focusing your energy
  • Focusing your passions
  • Focusing your attention
  • And focusing your time

If you learn to focus your time and energy on one thing and one task at a time, you will succeed online much faster.

Far too many people take on a plethora of tasks thinking that doing more at once will help them get more done.

This just doesn’t work.

If anything it lowers the quality of work you do.

It’s not hard to develop keen focus if you are willing to do it. And if you’re willing to do it, a great way to develop your focus muscle is to…


3.) Use A Timer

Timers are your best friend. They are a key component to becoming a productive internet marketer.

First thing you need to do is create your list of 5 tasks and then set a timer when doing every action. This helps you focus when doing the activity at hand.

I suggest setting the timer for 30 minutes and focusing on doing only 1 of your tasks in that time frame.

Just indulge in 30 un-distracted yet super focused minutes of whatever your task may be.

After your time is up set your timer again for 10 minutes. This 10 minutes is time for you relax, eat, get some water or even meditate.

This downtime is to recharge your brain.

This means don’t use your mobile phone or even watch TV. Set your timer, go outside and unplug for 10 minutes.

It makes it even easier for you to focus longer the next time around.

After the 10 minutes is up you can set your timer to 45 minutes and focus for even longer.

The length to which you develop your focus muscle is entirely up to you! Keep with this exercise and you will be a highly productive worker.

If you take action on these 3 tips you will have done more in 30 minutes than half of the people in the entire world do in 2 hours!  And you will be more successful.